Choosing the Perfect Hat Embroidery with Choke

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Oct 06

Choke Print Shop

Choosing the Perfect Hat Embroidery with Choke

Posted by Choke Print Shop

In addition to screen printing, Choke Print Shop is happy to offer a full range of embroidery services! We embroider high-quality products including jackets, aprons, and polos, but one of our most popular embroidery items is hats!

There are a lot more possibilities for hat embroidery than people realize, starting with the hat itself. We have 74 different hat styles listed on our website, but you actually have hundreds of options with Choke. If there’s something you’re looking for or interested in that you don’t see listed on our site, ask us! If there is a color, style, or brand you want in particular, the odds are excellent that we have access to exactly what you’re imagining through one of our many wholesale partners. All told, Choke has over 50,000 items we can offer to customers—we only put the most popular items on our site so as not to overwhelm shoppers! 

So what kinds of hats do we offer? You name it—we have the classic flat bills, snapbacks, baseball caps, and beanies, and also visors, bucket hats, ear bands, and more. We embroider in every color, on fabrics including twill, mesh, fleece, cotton, organic, nylon, knit, jersey, and we’re willing to do smaller lettering and more intricate designs than most other shops. We can also embroider on the front/center of hats, off to the side, along the side, or in the back center. And with a minimum order of only 12, you can get pretty much whatever you want for whatever occasion. 

Here are a few of the different hat styles we offer: 

hat2.jpeg hat1.jpeg hat5.jpeg
hat4.jpeg hat6.jpeg hat3.jpeg

How do you craft your order? Firstly, choose a design. You can send us the image you’d like to have embroidered on your hats in either .pdf or .jpeg formats, and make sure the resolution is at least 300dpi for the best and clearest possible work. If you don’t have a design prepared, we also have an in-house design staff who can help you craft the perfect image for your embroidery at $35/hr. Send us an inquiry with the basic information about your order to get a quote back from us and learn more about the possibilities!

What are some guidelines for hat embroidery? Well, the surface of most hats is much smaller than T-shirts, and the material stiffer, meaning that we encourage you to choose simpler designs that will remain clear and distinct. You can think of embroidery kind of like a tattoo—if you try to put too many colors in too intricate a pattern into a very small area, the whole thing will wind up looking blurred and indistinct. Save the elaborate mandalas for large-scale printing—for embroidery, choose something simple and effective! 

We also encourage you to send us the exact color pantone—all computer screens look different, and we want to make sure that your thread is dyed in the exact shade you want, with nothing left up to guesswork. 

Check out some samples of our work below, and contact Choke Print Shop for your next hat embroidery project!

fullsizerender-3.jpg fullsizerender-4.jpg fullsizerender-5.jpgimg_7251.jpg img_7252.jpg img_7253.jpgimg_7254.jpg img_7255.jpg

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