Customer Testimonials

Great local shirt company. Love the quality of the shirts. The turnaround was quick. Looking forward to working with them on more designs also. Thanks for the hard work.

Robert N. Yelp

Excellent quality and customer service. They even let me visit the shop beforehand to see samples. Turn around was quick and shirt prices were affordable.

Jenna S. Yelp

If you EVER need tee shirts made... go to the place where the guy says "I cry inside a little every time someone orders a white tee shirt".  Yes, white tee shirts are for amateurs! We got our batch of 125 GiftStarter tee shirts made here - FANTASTIC.

Arry Y. Yelp

Just picked up the first batch of GiftStarter t-shirts last night and they are FANTASTIC.  Jeff really helped in every aspect of placing the order for them.  they are great!!! I highly recommend them as a great local shop to do business with.  Before you order your company t-shirts online, sight unseen, go see CHOKE.

Dae Y. Yelp

I work at an advertising agency and use Choke for all of my printing needs. I need high volume prints for events. The entire process was clearly explained to me and they are very personable and kind. They had a very clear approval process for design, t-shirt, placement, etc. I feel very safe ordering from them. I will continue to give them my business. They are the best printshop I have worked with.

Sara C. Yelp

Choke Rocks! My original review was removed by yelp. But this shop deserves a rad review.  My choice for my collections TBA

Rocket H. Yelp

I worked with Choke most recently on shirts for our event. They were very responsive to all of my emails and we were able to easily place the order with no problems. The quality of the shirts is second to none... seriously some of the best screen printing I've seen. The colors were great and the ink stayed perfectly (we ran these shirts through an intense 26 hour challenge.) I will be ordering all future shirts through Choke and will be recommending them to everyone who needs screen printing.

Brian L. Yelp

Choke is great.  Unbelievable really.  They make great stuff, sell at great prices and run their business very reasonably.  I have never seen anything but great customer service from the owners and staff. Highly recommend!

Owen W. Yelp

Just had an A+ experience with Choke. Super-patient with our questions on the phone, they let us come by and check out the different t-shirts, and the results just looked great - everyone loved the results.  And seriously, a 10% discount because it was for a non-profit? Love you guys. We'd definitely come back again. Thank you!

Eli G. Yelp

Great prices, great quality, and above all, a high-integrity operation. They accidentally gave me the wrong style women's shirts on my second run (hey, stuff happens.) Not only did they quickly re-run the order for me at no charge, they DOUBLED the quantity on the re-run to make up for the inconvenience. Way above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you, Choke!

Jeff M. Yelp

Working with Choke has been a fantastic experience. This shop is great and employees are extremely competent in all areas/mediums of printing. I've worked with various print shops around Seattle for the past few years, and none even come close to Choke. Matt Thompson was our account manager, and he far exceeded our expectations. For all things printing, Choke is our new "go to shop". Thanks Choke!

Jesse H. Yelp

Generally a five star comes when everything is perfect, but sometimes the best reviews come when something does not go right as you find out what the company is really like. Choke was easy to deal with, easy to understand  pricing structure etc etc. When I picked up my order I took them to to the office and noticed the children's shirts were missing. I called Choke and they took full responsibility, got me my shirts as fast as humanly possible and went way beyond the call of duty to make sure I was ok. I appreciate that they cared enough to take responsibility and if they treat all transactions like this then this is the place to get your shirts printed.  Highly recommended.

K W Yelp

Choke is great. Unbelievable really.

- Owen W., Yelp

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Excellent quality and customer service. They even let me visit the shop beforehand to see samples. Turn around was quick and shirt prices were...

- Jenna S., Yelp

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Generally a five star comes when everything is perfect.

- K W, Yelp

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