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Screen Printing Artwork


Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


Illustrator (.ai); Photoshop (.psd); Photo File (.jpg); Encapsulated Post Script (.eps); Portable Document Format (.pdf).


300+ dpi.

Art size:

Size the artwork as large as you'd want it printed on the garments.

Specific Ink Colors: 

If you're looking to match specific ink colors in your artwork, we need exact pantone numbers. Computer screens can be calibrated differently and there is no way of knowing if the color on our screens is that same color that you are looking at. If ink colors are not specified, we will hand mix the inks to achieve a color as close to your artwork as possible. Below is a chart of our stock ink colors:

Tan | 729C Dallas Green | 348C
Brown | 498C Kelly Green | 3298C
Dallas Red | 201C Teal Green | 3135C
Scarlet Red | 199C Bright Light Blue | 299C
Dark Orange | 7417C Royal Blue | 288C
Golden Yellow | 123C Navy Blue | 289C
Lemon Yellow | 106C Purple | 2617C
Neon Green | 802C Opaque Purple | 2622
Lime Green | 361C Light Gray | Cool Gray 3


All artwork must be computer generated and saved as one of the files above. 

Using fonts?

Make sure to save as a .pdf or .jpg as we may not have the same fonts as you do. Also, if you're sending an illustrator or eps file, make sure that your fonts are changed to objects.

Images from the internet will not digitize well, so just don't use them!

Here is a template you can download to help you design and size your artwork better. Click the icon below to download:

PDF Template

Great local shirt company. Love the quality of the shirts. The turnaround was quick. Looking forward to working with them on more designs also....

- Robert N., Yelp

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If you EVER need tee shirts made... go to the place where the guy says "I cry inside a little every time someone orders a white tee shirt".

- Arry Y., Yelp

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I worked with Choke most recently on shirts for our event. They were very responsive to all of my emails and we were able to easily place the order...

- Brian L., Yelp

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